For Artists, Composers, Producers and Engineers

Music Managers also known as Personal Managers are responsible for counseling, advising and consulting on all matters that relate to their clients musical careers. The responsibilities of a Personal Manager are infinite and difficult to define. Managers are expected to plan careers, make creative decisions, organize, administrate, coordinate, negotiate, moderate, schedule and invoice for services rendered on behalf of their clients. This applies to Producers, Composers, Engineers and Artists alike. However, Managers take on a much more significant role when representing an Independent or Signed Artist by guiding their artists through recordings, pre and post production,videos,scheduling releases, imaging, publishing, licensing, merchandising, touring, branding and much more. We have a solid foundation and intimate knowledge of music but more importantly, we believe in our clients.


Artist Development is a process that develops an artists identity and individuality. Artists almost always have a vision of what they want but have difficulty facilitating this vision. We work closely with our artists to find the most comfortable environment where they can be creative and discover how they want to evolve. All of our artists have determined their genre and write original music,  so our journey begins with a song. Through this journey we are supportive in pairing our Artists with other writers and producers, which introduces them to production on a level they might not have experienced. Today's artists are truly fortunate to have the internet at their fingertips.They are able to network and communicate with writers, producers and other artists to help accelerate their development and have the ability to collaborate while in different town, cities and countries. 


A Producer's role is to be responsible for and to administer an artists recording. In some cases, Producers just produce and are not involved in the writing of a song and others collaborate with the artist.  In any case, and there are several more scenarios, the Producer will arrange the songs, rehearse musicians, select engineers and mixers and oversee Mastering.Producers are the heart of creativity working closely with their artists to establish a sound unique to that artist. All of our Producers are musicians and composers and are hands on whether it be creatively, by participating in the actual recording as a musician, or technically, by sitting at the controls, or both. We alleviate a lot of our Producers' concerns about booking studio time, initiating and maintaing budgets, scheduling musicians, completing Union Contracts and communicating with the Labels so they can concentrate on being creative.